A dream I had since I was a child: not to be a football player or an astronaut, but a journalist. Learning the art of telling the story … of health and of flavour.

To write about taste, cooking, and health: an ambitious goal and a stimulating challenge. A passion for the written word has been with me for many moons, coupled with my constant search for intellectual coherence and honesty.

Missione leggerezza (Mission: Lightness)

The richness and opulence of menus that contain dozens of courses can make us think that the pleasure of taste is synonymous with excess. I believe we can take a different direction, where the taste of good food meets lightness. MasterChef Italia strengthened this concept, in which I believe strongly. Here you can find recipes and tips to eat well without compromising your health.

L’apericena non esiste (An Aperitif is not a meal)

My experience as a medical doctor and nutritionist has often met with a common objection from patients: ‘I can’t follow an eating plan because I eat out so often.’ That is an alibi that I have tried to question in this book. A method and a series of practical tips to stay healthy and keep in shape without giving up the taste for social life.

I write for those who look for something outside themselves:

an opinion, a new idea, or even just a word. A passion for writing expresses our wish to build a bridge between us and the others.

This is the sphere in which I love playing the role of writer and gastronomic journalist.

Since I was a child, I have always written for pleasure. I had the good luck and the opportunity to be able to devote myself to this activity after winning MasterChef Italia, thanks to the fortuitous beginning of a collaboration with leading newspaper La Stampa, whose then-editor, Mario Calabresi, believed in me to the point of entrusting me with a column that is now in its seventh year: DoctorChef.

I don’t like stereotypes, conformity, or sugar-coated opinions. On the contrary, I love the disruptive power of ideas, the possibility of challenging the reader by transparently expressing my thoughts about taste, food, and nutrition. I have been doing it for a few years now with DoctorChef, a column still published every Monday in the local pages.

I also write about restaurants and dining experiences, about my search for neglected or forgotten flavours, and about food culture and taste. I am fascinated by these topics, which are the focus of my professional activities.

The best things always happen at the table, in front of good dishes made with real ingredients, cooked with sincerity. Not talking about them would be a shame.